Is it possible for someone to crowdfund a college degree?

Posted: May 4, 2013 in Education, Quora Question
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I was thinking about what we could do with crowdfunding besides startups and election campaigns when someone in Quora asked:
Read Quote of Cindy Wu’s answer to Crowdfunding: Is it possible for someone to crowdfund a college degree? on Quora

Apparently, now you can!!
San Fransisco Bay Area based Scholarmatch does just that! I never cease to be amazed and inspired by what people do over the web.

Quoted from their site:


Our mission is to connect under-resourced students with resources, schools, and donors to make college possible. We provide comprehensive support services for students throughout the college admission process and leverage the Internet to enable individuals to invest in the academic future of our students. We support students through to graduation and engage our alumni to stay involved and give back. Learn more about our impact.

Our Work

ScholarMatch connects students with resources, donors, and schools.
ScholarMatch’s three-pronged program increases college persistence by leading students through the college admission process, securing financial support, and helping them select the right school. We partner with college success organizations to offer continued support to students throughout their college career, all the way to graduation.

Connecting to Resources
ScholarMatch offers free college support services to college-bound students and their families, ensuring that they are knowledgeable of the admission process, able to access available financial aid, and apply to best-fit colleges and universities. Our workshops are offered each week at the ScholarMatch office and at our two partner locations, the Boys & Girls Club and Galileo High School. Read more about our program, workshop schedule, and how you can volunteer to help.

Connecting to Donors
ScholarMatch awards need-based scholarships to high-achieving college-bound students while creating a meaningful relationship at the same time. All scholarships fill the gap after other resources are exhausted and are matched with a donor so students know that someone from the community is behind their support. Donors receive two update letters per year from their students to stay informed of their progress. Since our founding in 2010, we have awarded more than $275,000 in scholarship support. Read more about our scholarship recipients.

Connecting to Schools
ScholarMatch works with college admission offices around the country to connect our students to institutions where they are most likely to be successful and receive the most support – financial, academic, and personal.

Still have questions? Read our FAQ!


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