[K-HipHop] GeumZ – Risk Taking

Posted: August 13, 2013 in Korea
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The other day a friend of mine shared her sisters’ latest mixtape titled Risk Taking. GeumZ (금지은) started her music career about 4 years ago. Risk Taking is her second mixtape and it’s gotten the attention of K-hiphop fans in France.

Below is some of her work. Enjoy!

GeumZ Mixtape Vol.2 – Risk Taking : I AM ME Pt.1(Feat.Viel Ohmme)

Her YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC78C_PLI4BzDmFGS7K3Yalw

Track List
01. (Feat. touRu, 난사)
02. 학교 가기 싫은 랩
03. 너 처럼 좋은 사람을 본 적이 없어 (Feat. 걍까)
04. 빗속에서 (Feat. Hong Kim)
05. Love Sucks (Feat. Nouveau)
06. 날 믿어 (Feat. Patrick, Nouveau)
07. I AM ME Pt.1 (Feat. Viel Ohmme)
08. I AM ME Pt.2
09. The Cypher (Feat. ITLO)
10. Let My Tape Rock (Feat. Liqu.r, Ms2)
11. I’m In 209
12. Wack You
13. [Bonus Track] Dear My Partner (Feat. Nouveau)

Download the full mixtape here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/qg3xhqxdxxznvvk/%EA%B8%88%EC%A7%80_Mixtape_Vol2_-_Risk_Taking.zip


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